R.I.P. Caroline Smith: wife of Harold Sean Smith, who featured in the video “A FATHERLAND INTERVIEW – RIGGING NIGERIA”

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Mr. Harold and Mrs. Carol Smith,
Caroline Smith, wife of Harold Sean Smith
18TH March 1931 – 8th January 2021

Fatherland Group regrets to announce the death of Caroline Smith, wife of Harold Sean Smith, on 8th January 2021.

Carol was the second half of the formidably courageous and principled couple who dared to speak truth to power, to Nigeria’s Governor General in the run up to the country’s Independence Elections, Sir James Robertson, to the British Government and to the world, over the rigging of Nigeria’s Independence Elections. They sacrificed what would have been a comfortable life to ‘Soro Soke’ (Speak up!) about the British colonial government’s foul play with democracy which led to Nigeria’s sorry record of military coups, the Biafran War, corruption and the general state of retarded development and insecurity which plagues the country today.

Harold died in 2011 having recorded his account (with Carol beside him) in 2009 for the benefit of generations of Nigerians to come. The recording which was first released by Fatherland Group on 28th June 2020 has attracted more than a million hits on YouTube and travelled even more widely on WhatsApp. It is dominating conversations in informed conversations across the country at a time when Nigerians are seeking understanding of how the country got to its current sorry state.

The debt that Nigerians owe to Carol and Harold Smith for the insights which they shared is too great to ever be fully repaid. However, Nigerians now know that any history of Nigeria which does not mention their account is no true history of Nigeria.

To honour their memory, Fatherland Group will be setting up a Harold and Carol Smith page on its website to which content will be added periodically.

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