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The Campaign Against Enemies of the People in Uniform


Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories
Amilcar Cabral

In my youth I found myself a lone voice in a culture of conformity; it cost me greatly but I harbour no regrets, for I experienced a freedom that many of my peers still aspire to. Young people you must resist. Resist the social mores that the wasted generation attempts to impose on you, resist the urge to conform, resist the aged men that seized power in their youth and have conspired to prevent you from achieving actualisation.

You must resist

As it stands we are on the cusp of a monumental change, a change that will be brought about by you beautiful young people. You must not be moulded by a system that wishes to rob you of your most productive years. You must grab this opportunity by the scruff of its neck and not let go. The future is yours, yours to define and yours to bequeath to the next generation. I wish not for you to be like I am, I wish I was like you.

Resist, your destiny is yours to define, what would have become of the great Amilcar Cabral if he did not choose the path less trodden? What would have become of Thomas Sankara if he did not dare to invent the future? Young people you have been sold many lies, lies of a false nationhood, lies of a false Identity and lies that you must conform to an oppressive system.

The world is yours young Africans, you must unite; you are the monsters they made and they must pay for robbing you of your greatness. Liberation is yours, I plore you to resist. A great thinker (Etienne de La Boetie) many centuries ago wrote a treatise called The Politics Of Disobedience. He questioned why people obey a government; in his view, obedience leads to enslavement and eventually the rulership of tyrants. Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve.

Freedom is the natural state of man, what becomes of a person that has been robbed of his or her freedom? The freedom to live life unencumbered by the dictates of generations long gone, a freedom to be young and free and a freedom to be.

I beg of you not to capitulate. Be not like we are, be who you are, dare to invent your future and live up to the moniker I have given you: the regeneration generation.

We stand with you as you live up to the promise of what in no doubt will be a better world. AsAs you make the change so shall I be with you.

Till the change manifests, I remain your humble servant

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