Nigeria is not a nation since Nigeria is a conglomerate of 371 Nations

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First of all, getting the definition correct is the first grasp of reality. Nigeria is not a nation since Nigeria is a conglomerate of 371 Nations. It contains nearly a third of the entire African population but has only mockery & disgrace to show for it.

So, for those who say, “One Nigeria”, it is their word against mine. What has Nigeria achieved as a geo-political entity after 107 years? How much has been embezzled since 1955? What is the unemployment index of Nigeria today? What was the Health Budget for each ‘Nigerian’ for the entire year of 2020? The shuddering answer to that question is $2.50 person for the whole year of 2020.

Why is this hopeless “hope of the Black race” constantly borrowing and begging from Australia to South America for the past 4 years? These questions are enough proof that Nigeria is not only divisible but broke, broken, separable and a clueless colonial puppet. A borderless, bottomless, rudderless, pointless & fatherless criminality that not only cannot count its fingers but borrows perpetually despite the hundreds of millions of resources within its jurisdictions – natural, human & potential.

Nigeria was broken a long time ago in the 1960s and crumbles daily with every injustice. Nigeria as a geo-political entity is the biggest shame & disappointment to all ‘black’ people on Earth because it was designed as a tool of exploitation by white supremacists to ensure that 25% of ‘blacks’ on Earth are trapped in failure & misery. For those still having their nightmares, it is indivisible but for those who have woken up and emancipated themselves from mental slavery, “Nigeria” no longer exists.  Time will wake the daydreamers pretty soon, but we will remind them of their nightmares to which they are swearing dangerous oaths currently. The Soviet Union, a global superpower was divisible & breakable talk less of a petty tout like “Nigeria”.